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Swimming lessons in Lofer

The Family & Vitalhotel Mühlpointhof offers:

  • A swimming course comprising five lessons for our little guests (starting from 5 years). The lessons are conducted by our professional swimming instructor Bregje Coenraad.

  • A diving course for bigger children who can swim already.

    • jumping into the water (dive),

    • regulating respiration,

    • swimming under water.

  • A playful swimming lesson for children under 5 years of age. The aim of this course is to familiarize the children with the element of water.

    The courses take place from Monday to Friday.
  • Single course 5x45 minutes € 130, -
  • Group course (2 children) 5x60 minutes € 220, -
  • Private lesson for 1 child € 32, - / 2 children € 54,00


For beginners we offer the possibility to take a trial swimming course so that you can find out, whether your child likes playing and swimming in the water. In this course your children will learn the basics of swimming in a playful manner.


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